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The Glorydale is part of a group of UK companies with strong connections to the UK’s Bangladeshi community. The original Glorydale company was established in 1989 to meet the ever increasing demand of the UK’s Indian restaurant sector for a reliable and price competitive source of frozen foods.  Since then the group has expanded into the property and financial sectors and is one of the leading Bangladeshi owned business groups in the UK.  

Import, Export, Wholesale, Retail and Distribution throughout the whole world with emphasis on frozen foods. ...... (more)
A major manufacturing facility in South Asia as well as affiliations with 10 major factories across the world ...... (more)
The Group has just acquired a high tech company called Deltech which has now been re-branded as Glorydaletech. ...... (more)
Frozen Products
The Glorydale frozen foods business aimed at the retail sector is operated by Alma Attic Limited. We can supply almost any type of frozen food our customers require including chicken, lamb, beef, shell ..... (more)
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